Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I Love Bacon

Woke up this morning……after having woken up about 20 times during the night.  I think I psyched myself out because I knew I was going to start getting up earlier to work out.
After a quick strength workout and a shower, I toasted a slice of bread.  In the fall, I bought a loaf of bread from Wegman’s called “marathon bread” (I was training for a marathon at the time).  It had whole grains and pumpkin seeds and dried fruits and stuff in it, so I froze it in slices to use whenever.  I spread some strawberry jelly (from Bar Harbor, Maine – the Jordan Pond recipe!) on the toasted bread (I prefer whole grain bread crispy, so the crispiness of the nuts and whole grains doesn’t bother me so much).  I also blended a smoothie – a frozen banana, coconut milk, 1/2tsp of cocoa powder, and a handful of spinach.  You can’t even taste the spinach, and you get a serving of vegetables!  
I had made some whole wheat spaghetti last night to reheat for lunch at work.  The only spaghetti sauce I really like is Ragu Traditional.  There is a recipe from Runners World for spaghetti sauce that I’d like to try sometime.  I also had some leftover beets, and a slice of watermelon (don’t you hate when seedless watermelon still has some seeds in it??).  One of the teachers brought in donut holes, and I couldn’t resist a sweet snack.
On the way to a voice lesson in the afternoon, I was starving, so I ate a Red Delicious apple.  By the time I was able to get home for dinner, starving had grown to ravenous.  I reheated an ear of corn on the cob, sauteed some mushrooms, and…guiltily….had a few bits of shredded cheese, right from the package!  But the main part of dinner was BACON brushed with a mixture of honey, soy sauce, and Chinese five-spice powder.  I made it in the oven on a rack so some of the fat and sauce would drip off. It tasted like candy!
A late-evening swim was in order:  WU 200, 10×50, 4×25 (all with 10 seconds rest), CD 100
My stomach is usually touchy after a swim, so I made sure to eat 2 graham crackers and some skim milk once I got home.  
Not bad for a day where we almost had a tornado, and my power went out while I was cooking dinner!

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