Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It's All Greek To Me

This morning I tried to wake up early, but when the alarm went off I felt like I had been hit by a truck.  So I slept a bit more, and felt a little better when I finally got up.  Breakfast was another smoothie (banana, coconut milk, and spinach) and 2 pieces of bacon.  I lined a cookie sheet with tin foil, put a cookie rack on top of it, and cooked the bacon in the oven for about 15 minutes (next time, I will cook it for less time - the bacon ended up pretty crispy).  Much easier to clean the bacon fat drippings this way!

My lunch ended up being a slap-together of leftovers:  reheated bacon (eh), a cob of corn (why won't it heat evenly in the microwave?) and spaghetti with Ragu sauce.

After work I headed over to Valley Forge Park for some hills.  The circular loop around the inside of the park is almost exactly 5 miles, and tons of hills.  It is still so hot!  I think it's mostly the sun at this point - it was much cooler earlier when the sun was behind the clouds.  I tried to make my own "sports drink":  2c water with 2TBSP honey and a pinch of salt.  It was all right, I guess.  I'm wondering if it's just going to make my water bottle sticky and difficult to clean out.

The real highlight of the day was dinner.  St. Sophia's Greek Orthodox Church has a semi-annual Greek Festival, which my family always goes to for the awesome food.  (Go there!  It's on Trooper Road in Audubon, and the festival goes until Sunday June 3.  You can even tour the new church sanctuary they built with the funds they've raised from previous Greek Festivals, and it's gorgeous.)  I always get the same dinner - Psari (fish with crabmeat) with rice.  It comes with a salad and a roll.  I tried something new this year - a Greek soda that tastes like Ouzo.  I don't usually like licorice flavoring, but this was surprisingly refreshing!  It was sweet but not too sweet, and the licorice flavor was definitely present but didn't overpower or bother me like that flavor usually does.
surprisingly refreshing!
Dessert was a butter cookie with powdered sugar (plus I got a honey custard wrap to eat tomorrow).  And, of course, since this was a fair, there were Fried Oreos involved  :)   (But I only ate one!  No, really!)

I really did only have one!
Soon, it's off to the gym for a swim:  WU 200, 4x200, CD 100

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