Saturday, July 7, 2012

100+ degrees....are you serious?!

Today was just freakin' hot.  I decided to forgo my run this morning, as it was already 82 degrees when I woke up at 6am.  So I slept in with the air conditioning instead.  A smoothie kept me cool after I woke up.
frozen banana, blueberries, chocolate protein powder, ground flaxseed, and coconut milk

We (me, my sister, and my dad) took my mother to 401 Diner in Conshohocken for lunch.  It was her Mother's Day present, so we're a bit late on that!  Oh well!  The diner is very cute, pretty small inside but it wasn't extraordinarily crowded for a Saturday morning (we were there around noon).  Interesting fact - they don't put out their lunch menu until noon!  So if you're looking forward to their lunch food, don't go until after 12:00.  Fortunately, we got there right around noon, so I was able to choose food from the lunch menu.  I had the french onion soup (I forgot to ask for it without the crouton, oops) and chicken quesadillas.

with the cracked pepper aioli the sweet potato fries were very good!

a bit bland....but I suppose it's my fault for leaving everything out but the chicken and cheese

hahaha oh boy....and here come the political comments...(it's not my car, I just thought it was humorous)

We had a lovely time talking and spending time as a family.  I spent most of the day reading "Drop Dead Healthy" by AJ Jacobs.  There's information about being healthy, but it's a funny book at the same time.  I'm finding it very enjoyable.  There are bits where I actually laugh out loud.  One-liners are the best.  :)
afternoon snack mmmm

dinner (well, after leftover quesadillas).  I got it from the Amish bakery at Reading Terminal Market yesterday and saved it in my fridge.  Whoopie pies!  Apparently a Pennsylvania thing.

There was a large (but all too short and without much rain) thunderstorm a while apparently lowered the temperature quite a bit.  Let's hope that sticks!

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