Sunday, July 8, 2012

Color Run

I did the Color Run Philly this morning!  I got up around 5am, and since I had to stop for gas for my car anyway, I picked up a toasted bagel from Wawa.

There was no traffic on the Schuylkill Expressway!  That's kind of a big deal.  The run started and ended at Eakins Oval, right in front of the Art Museum.  Everyone lined up, wearing white shirts.  The race organizers started the crowd in waves, so that not everyone was running at the same time.  It actually worked pretty well at this run.  I think it really helped that this was not a timed run/race.  No one was stressing about how fast they were going to run or how soon they were going to get to the finish line.  

It was not extremely hot, but it was very muggy.  The Color Run website shows pictures of people covered in colored powder but totally cool, unsweaty.  There was NO WAY that was going to happen today!  There were five "color stations" along the route, where volunteers used ketchup and mustard squirt bottles to toss colored cornstarch powder on you!

I definitely slowed down at the color stations, but between the stations I was able to get some jogging in.  A lot of people were walking, but it was pretty easy to get around them.
At the end of the run, everyone gathered for a "color toss".  We were given packets of color and tossed them up into the air at the same time.  It was craaaaazy!

even more color!

Since I had gotten up so early, I decided to take a stroll to Starbucks for an iced vanilla latte (with skim milk.....and very little ice).  I had a bunch of people ask me why I was covered in color!

The rest of my day was filled with mundane adult chores - laundry, dishes, cleaning, etc.  Although lunch included a peanut butter jelly sandwich!  (since I was finished running for the day, I felt safe eating peanut butter).

Dinner was a mish-mash of various foods:  some leftover sweet potato fries, watermelon, sauteed mushrooms, and a microwave brownie (I'm not even going to give the recipe here.  It's too easy and too good and too dangerous).  I attempted a drink that I saw in an issue of Better Homes and Gardens.
muddle blackberries and mint.  add 6TBSP vodka and 2TBSP elderberry liquor (I used St Germain).  Shake and pour.

It was all right.  Perhaps it would have been better if I'd used vanilla vodka instead of regular.  I'm finding that I like most drinks using vanilla vodka, rather than regular.  I guess I like the sweet taste  :)

Here's hoping this week will stay in the 80's like promised!

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