Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth!


I ate two graham crackers before heading out for a 6 mile run.  This heat and humidity is brutal.  And it's not letting up!  Oh well, more sweat is more calories burned, right??

Breakfast was a smoothie (1frozen banana, a couple of frozen peach slices, handful of blueberries, scoop of vanilla protein powder, maybe a teaspoon or a bit more of ground flaxseed, and coconut milk)
you can't really tell, but it was actually a very pretty light purple color

A while later, lunch was whole-wheat rotini with cherry tomatoes, a bit of avocado, and shredded mozzarella cheese.  With a nectarine.  So good!

I spent most of the afternoon reading a Jackie Warner (the trainer from that Bravo show) book, "This Is Why You're Fat".  A lot of it was stuff I already know I should do, but I did gain some useful tips (ex: check nutrition labels on everything - don't buy it if it has more than 5g of sugar per serving).  Dinner was grilling at the parents' house.  We grilled some lettuce to make a salad (it gave the salad a bit of a charcoal flavor, but it wasn't bad!).

Then bison burgers (yes, made from bison - or buffalo!) and corn, with grilled pineapple.

And, naturally, s'mores.  It wouldn't be a grill dinner if there weren't s'mores!

I headed over to the high school to bike around the back roads of Worcester a little bit, since the roads weren't too busy with the holiday.  It was still really hot though, and I'd just finished a pretty big dinner, so I'm hoping that's why it felt so tough!  The night ended with another American tradition - beer!

Made in Philadelphia, just like the Declaration of Independence!

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