Monday, June 25, 2012

3 for 1

Yes, I am about to post 3 days of blogs.....all in one day!  Hold on to your seats...

Friday started with another 4 mile run.  It may have been even hotter and muggier than yesterday's run! At least it wasn't very that was something...  1/2 of a Gatorade was definitely needed after this sweaty run.

After a much-needed shower, I fixed myself a smoothie with a frozen banana, frozen raspberries, a scoop of chocolate protein powder, and coconut milk.  Tea rounded out my breakfast.

A few hours later, I went to lunch with my friends Jude and Cliff.  We ate at Craft Ale House, which is a tiny restaurant but has a HUGE beer selection.  Cliff and I tried a sour cherry beer, but it was a bit too sour (tasted almost bready, like sourdough), so instead I got Stoudts Golden Ale (can't go to an ale house without having a beer!).  I started with the soup of the day, cream of mushroom.  It wasn't too creamy, which I appreciated on such a hot day, and tasted very mushroomy, another plus for me.  I also ordered the buttermilk tenders (basically chicken tenders).  The breading was very crunchy and hefty and a bit spicy, very unlike your generic chicken tender, but very good.  I picked a lot of it off though, because it was so heavy.  There were 3 sauces to dip - Bourbon BBQ, Honey Chipotle, and blue cheese.  The honey chipotle was a bit too spicy for me (especially with the breading), but the other 2 sauces were quite good.
(I may have eaten some of the chicken fingers before I snapped the picture!)

We each picked out 6 beers for our beer tasting tomorrow night before all heading home.  I spent the afternoon reading "The Shack".  If religion doesn't scare you off or make you bristle, you'll probably like this book.  I teared up more times than I'd like to admit while reading this book.

Dinner was simply a leftover personal pizza from last night.  I needed dessert, however, so I made a microwave brownie (inspired by Pinterest).  Combine 4 TBSP flour, 4 TBSP sugar, 2 TBSP cocoa powder, a pinch of salt in a bowl.  Mix this all together BEFORE putting in the wet ingredients (makes it much easier to combine).  Then add 2 TBSP canola oil and 2 TBSP water.  Stir again.  Microwave for about 1:30.  And that's it!  Brownie in a bowl!
It's probably not good that this is so easy to make!

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