Monday, June 25, 2012

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy

Saturday I got up early to perform in a parade.  Breakfast was a simple and quick bowl of Nature's Promise organic Raisin Bran with skim milk (although of course I got hungry right before the parade, so we stopped at Wawa for a turkey sausage/egg white/cheese bagelwich.  Everyone loves Wawa sandwiches!)  Souderton was having their 125 anniversary parade, and dcp theatre (a community theatre I perform with) was asked to reprise our Memorial Day Parade float - a 1940's USO/Support the Troops theme.  I was one of the Andrews Sisters with my friends Nicolette and Camille, and we sang Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy in 3-part harmony (no lip-synching here!  we are actual singers!).
(Huh, my hair still looks blonde here!)

Apparently we were such a hit at the Memorial Day Parade that they wanted us to sing at this parade as well!  Too bad you couldn't hear us with the mile of wailing fire engines right behind us.  Oh well!
We also had Rosie the Riveter, Captain America, swing dancers, and other volunteers in 1940's costumes handing out candy.  My favorite parts of the parade were when we'd drive past older folks who would smile in recognition at hearing the song (at the Memorial Day Parade we even went past a very old man with a WWII vet baseball cap on - I got shivers thinking that he may have actually heard the ORIGINAL Andrews Sisters performing this song!)
Camille, me, and Nicolette.  Squinty!

I may or may not have snacked on copious amounts of candy during the parade.

I rushed to the gym after the parade to try to squeeze in a quick swim.  WU 500, 2x400, CD 100.  I wanted to do 4x400, but simply didn't have time if I wanted to get to a picnic in time for dinner!

My friends Mark and Marian (and their kids Tori, Kate, and David) were hosting their annual Solstice picnic.  I brought cinnamon brownies to share (yum!).  I filled 2 plates - one with dinner food and one with dessert food.
I totally ditched the hamburger bun after about 2 bites!

It was absolutely beautiful weather, and my friend Emma got proposed to (!!), but I had to save some room and time for the beer tasting at Cliff and Audrey's.
I had a plate of chips and cherry pie with a scoop of ice cream to soak up all the beer I drank.

There was so much beer to try!  Obviously I only had a sip or two of each, but we tried 27 beers in less than 3 hours!  My definite favorites/winners of the night:
The Magic Hat Elder Betty actually tasted a bit like fruit soda.  Very refreshing (also an interesting design on the label....).  The Rince Cochon was also very good - but I'm thinking it might be kind of difficult to find around here!

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