Thursday, May 16, 2013

A New Life

Wow, time really gets away from you, doesn't it?

I feel lifetimes away from where I was (physically, mentally, emotionally) the last time I posted.  I resigned from my full-time job to pursue my dream of being an opera singer.  I'm now living in New Jersey, where I just finished my first year of a Masters degree in voice performance.  Moving and then school full-time with a part-time job (plus homework, plus practicing) has really made me busy this past year.  But, it is time to get back on track to being healthy.  Time to restart my commitment to exercising more and eating more healthfully with this blog!

To start off the day I went for a run.  Five times around the park, the last time at a faster pace.

I WILL get faster!

It's a good thing I went out when I did; by the time I made it back there were already rain drops beginning.
So, this is New Jersey, where the power goes out when it's slightly windy.  So, naturally, the power went out because it started drizzling.  (Actually, there was apparently a huge transformer fire, but still.)  My post-shower breakfast had to be
Makes messes all over the place

Thank goodness the power went out AFTER my coffee had finished brewing.
Fortunately, the power came back on in about an hour, so I was able to cook a healthy breakfast.  I tried a egg/cheese/raspberry jelly sandwich that Julie loves on one of my favorite blogs, Peanut Butter Fingers.
toasted english muffin, shredded mozzarella, egg, raspberry jelly

Unfortunately, I didn't love it.  Maybe it's because I used mozzarella cheese instead of smoked gouda.  The smoked gouda would have given it a lot more flavor, I'm sure.

Now it's off to run some errands on Westminster's campus, go to work, and graduation rehearsal.

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