Saturday, July 27, 2013

Friday July 26

Friday, July 26
My Friday started by sleeping in....all the way until 8am!  Wow, I really am getting old!
4 graham crackers were my morning snack, along with coffee and almond milk.
I had a smoothie around 11am, made with a frozen banana, some frozen peaches, chocolate protein powder, and bit of cocoa powder, chia seeds, spinach, and coconut milk.

looks gross, tastes good

I also made sure to drink 1/3 bottle of Guava kombucha (this flavor is really good).
I made some iced blueberry tea to take to work with me this afternoon.

Watermelon made an appearance before my actual lunch.

My actual lunch (eaten in the car on the way to work, of course): grilled chicken sausage on a hot dog roll with Dijon mustard.

I had a cup of applesauce at work.  I thought I had planned well, but we had customers in the store until 7:45 (we close at 7), and I realized I was starving, so I grabbed a pack of these:

the best flavor.  ever.

They held me over, but it was Friday night, and I wanted a treat.  Enter Aljon's Pizza.

why yes, that would be bbq chicken pizza and penne pizza

Perhaps not the healthiest end to the day, but certainly delicious.

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