Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wednesday July 24

Wednesday, July 24

All caught up!  Whew.

First thing, how cute is this nail polish idea?

OK, now to the stats:

2 graham crackers

smoothie: 1/2 banana, mixed berries, protein powder, spinach, chia seeds, coconut milk



1/3 bottle of guava Kombucha
this flavor is MUCH better!  I like it!

1 scrambled egg/avocado/ricotta/splashes of Sriracha, potato, asparagus

pumpkin spice granola bar

1c apple sauce

5 carrots with roasted garlic hummus

1 vanilla gu

spaghetti with Ragu

I tried rutabega fries (cut up with EVOO, salt and pepper, roasted in oven for 15 minutes), but they still tasted a little raw-ish, so maybe next time they need longer in the oven?)


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