Monday, July 15, 2013

Let's Make This Quick

All right, so it looks like most of my blog posts are probably just going to be a quick recap of my workouts and food each day.  And you know what, I am ok with that.  

This morning I started off with a (unpictured) croissant with mastica spread (from Turkey!).  I slept in because I wasn't working today, so I decided to eat something first before working out since I had more time.  My workout for the day was:
P90X Core Synergistics

Then came lovely coffee, and food interspersed throughout the afternoon (12-6):

really garlicky.  my mouth started tingling.  yum.

put pumpkin spice on anything and i will eat it.

leftover saladworks cobb salad

had one of these little babies.  ooo yeah they're good!

finished off this carton of blueberries.

Then I headed in to work for a meeting with Asics Joe.  He got us dinner from Olives, so I had a roast beef hoagie (of course, how could I not) - roast beef and provolone on a roll with lettuce tomato onions and oil/vinegar.  And we tried some potato chips on the side: I had mostly sea salt chips, but the funky fiesta flavor was definitely the best.  Lots of vinegar and paprika on those.  And I had about 3/4 of a wheat beer: Troegs Dreamweaver.  So not a hugely healthy end to the day, but I stayed inside out of the heat, so that was good.  And I did eat a lot of healthy food.

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