Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Day (a little early)

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

I'm working on Sunday and Monday to make a few more bucks before leaving for Europe, so I spent Saturday at my parents' house in Pennsylvania to tie up a few loose ends for my trip and to spend some time with my Mom, Dad, and sister!

I can't help snacking when I get to my parents' house, since I hardly ever have snack-y foods in my own apartment!

Before my dad and I headed to the mall to exchange some money for euros, I had some of their leftovers for lunch.
Papa John's (one mushroom/green pepper, two pepperoni/sausage)

no HFCS, from Niagra, NY (hence the French)

At the mall, my dad bought a Mrs. Fields cookie for snacking and he gave me some  :)
my dad is the best

Once home, I again couldn't help but snack:

Dinner was a little better: hamburger with ketchup, mustard, and onions, corn on the cob, and pineapple, with a side of German beer.

Did you know today is National Wine Day?  Gotta get in on the action!
except it wasn't that great

Dessert had to happen, of course.  It was too windy to start the coals for a barbeque, so we didn't have s'mores.
Rhubarb cream pie....I think?

peanut butter Cheerio treats.  the best.

Thank you to all the veterans who make/made celebrations like this possible!

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