Friday, May 17, 2013


This was totally me this morning:
Fortunately, it IS Friday!!  And I have off of work today for WCC graduation!

So yesterday's evening meal did not go quite as healthily as planned.  Instead of a veggie/sausage mix I prepared to eat as dinner at work, I snacked on the goodies we had out for Ladies' Night in Princeton.

Well, at least there were some strawberries in there along with cheese, cookies, and chocolate.

This morning, I had my cup of coffee with skim milk and one of my favorite light breakfasts:

graham crackers and milk!

I crack up 5 graham crackers into a bowl, and then drizzle the tiniest bit of milk over top to make them slightly mushy, but still have a little bit of crunch (and also so I can pick them up and eat them with my hands).

On to the rest of my day...graduation and Katie's birthday!

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