Friday, May 31, 2013

I dislike plane travel

I wanted to call this post "I hate dislike plane travel", but apparently I can't use the strikeout font in a post title.  
I didn't want to get any dishes dirty, so I got a toasted whole wheat bagel with butter and butterscotch coffee with a splash of skim milk from Bagel Street Cafe.

After running a bunch of last minute errands (nothing like printing off your lieder four hours before you have to leave to catch a plane flight), I ate some cherries while I waited for my mom and dad to arrive to take me to meet my shuttle.

We stopped for lunch at Aljons.  I realize it's somewhat dumb to eat a slice of pizza a day before I'll be in Florence, Italy, but it was a quick lunch and still good.
honey mustard chicken pizza!  and yes, those are french fries.

I waited for my shuttle at Nassau Inn in Princeton.  Fortunately, I was able to wait inside, because it was really raining!  The shuttle took me to Newark, and then I had to catch another shuttle to JFK.  The traffic to JFK was absolutely horrible.  Apparently it's only supposed to take about 45 minutes to get between airports; it took us 2 hours.  Fortunately, I was able to check in fairly quickly, and got through security pretty quickly too, so I had about 40 minutes to grab a quick snack in the form of a cinnamon sugar Auntie Anne's pretzel.

By this point, I had taken all my anti-anxiety medicine (yes, I need to be drugged up to fly on a plane), so I was starting to feel really sleepy.  I slept pretty much the whole plane flight.  I woke up to eat about 2 bites of ravioli that they served, but that's it.  No movie watching or anything.  I don't even think I ever got up to use the bathroom!  Fortunately there was a nice man sitting next to me who basically watched over me and made sure I was ok and taken care of.
We landed at Heathrow really late, and security at Heathrow sucked, so I made it to my connecting flight about 15 minutes before it was supposed to take off.  They bussed us out to the airplane and we got to walk up the stairs.

I did not feel great for this plane flight, so I just slept the whole time.  I felt much better once we landed in Vienna, but I had a Sprite from McDonalds to help settle my stomach.
German Sprite!

I actually totally want this trashy glittery Vienna trucker cap

I took a shuttle to the Meidling train station and proceeded to wait about 5 hours for my overnight train. (Yes, I did a lot of traveling)  When I first got there, I ate a kid-size granola bar I had brought because I figured I needed some food after over 12 hours.

Eventually, I actually got hungry, so I got a doner!
first doner of many!  I love doner!!!!!

At 7:30pm, I boarded the overnight train, found my couchette, and bunked down for the night.  Long, 11 hour train ride commencing....

Next up, Florence!

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