Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Work Work Work

My week so far has been work, work, and more work.  Getting ready to leave for Europe and working to make money.

This morning, I had a boring breakfast of coffee and graham crackers and milk.

Lunch was a bit more interesting.  I baked a cut-up potato (mixed in olive oil, salt and pepper, and buffalo chicken sauce) in the oven at 500 degrees for 45 minutes.  Then I added some shredded chicken (which I already cooked in the crock pot) mixed with more buffalo chicken sauce, and mexican cheese and chopped green onions; then cooked it for another 7 minutes (I lowered the oven to 400 degrees) just to heat the chicken and melt the cheese.  It was pretty good!  I really liked the potatoes done this way, so I may have to cook regular potatoes more often like this with different spices and herbs.

On my way to work, I drank an iced tea latte.

I drank most of it before taking the picture.  Oops.

Basically, I made tea yesterday and kept it in the fridge overnight.  Right before I left I added ice cubes and almond milk.  
After a long day at work (which included some energy gel chews, I have to say), I relaxed with a BBQ pizza (whole wheat tortilla, chicken mixed with BBQ sauce, mexican cheese, and some pre-roasted veggies cooked for 8 minutes at 375)

and a yummy beer.

I watched Atonement (man, is my Netflix queue long!).  It was pretty good, although I didn't think it was a great as a lot of people have said.  The scene on the beach with all the soldiers really dragged on for a long time!

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